About Us


Mission and Background

Anchorage Chamber Music Festival was created to provide a top-quality summer intensive chamber music program and a first-class concert series in the Anchorage area. Students strive to reach artistic excellence through their lessons, coachings, workshops, and by attending concerts performed by the Artists. Artists from all over the world come together for two weeks to rehearse rigorously, perform and teach. The festival is a place that unites international musicians, students, and cultures. Our goal is to bring the world closer together through music.

In 2013, five young entrepreneurs Christine Harada Li, Nathaniel Pierce, Alan Tilley, Cole Anderson and Siyuan Li, fresh out of their studies at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, and Dance, launched the first Anchorage Chamber Music Festival. Key supporters in founding this festival were Beverly and Chris Beheim, Helen Nielson, Rumi and Tim Smith, Margaret David, Hiroko Harada and Tai Wai Li, private and orchestra teachers of Anchorage, friends and family. Anchorage Chamber Music Festival was and has always been a success because of the immense community support it receives.

Anchorage Chamber Music Festival is under the auspices of the Anchorage Fine Arts Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The festival directly aligns with the society’s mission to strengthen and preserve the arts. The mission statement of the society is as follows:

Anchorage Fine Arts Society was founded to encourage and support the integration of fine arts.
We are an educational organization that strives to explore the arts.
By delving into the value of art, the artist, and their artwork, we strengthen the whole of our community.
Ultimately, education about the fine arts gives us stability and a greater understanding of our worth.
We seek to learn the arts, teach the arts and preserve the arts.

Anchorage Chamber Music Festival Administration
Artistic Directors: Christine Harada Li, Nathaniel Pierce
Concerts Coordinator: Erin Kim
Chamber Intensive Manager: Anna Berry
Staff: Mischa Shimek

Steering Committee
Anchorage Fine Arts Society board members
Amy Farnham
Denise Chythlook

Anchorage Fine Arts Society Board
President: Beverly Beheim
Vice President: Christine Harada Li
Treasurer: Chris Beheim
Board Members: Sharon Davies, Hiroko Harada